Saturday, February 9, 2013

Panama City Beach: Week Five

Another great week! 

We went to the Panama City Mardi Gras parade on Friday afternoon. The boys loved the parade and caught lots of beads and a few candies and toys too. 

Loaded up with beads!

After the the parade we got a few snacks from the food trucks. Jakob got onion rings that were HUGE! We couldn't believe how big they were.

One of the great things about living right on the ocean is seeing what is out on the water each day. This week we saw a submarine (below), dolphins swimming 200 ft out, 3 ships that looked like pirate ships, surfers, manta rays, huge waves one day and then smooth as glass water the next. I love the ocean!!

Since the first day we got here the boys have been asking to go to Wonderworks, the "upside down house". It's a hands on museum with interactive exhibits and it's in a building that looks like it's been turned upside down.

Inside we found lots and lots of fun exhibits, science experiments, games and fun things to do.

At the end of the Wonderworks exhibits is a 3 story ropes course. All 5 of us tried it out. Amy and Zack made it to the first platform and that was good enough for us. Michael, Jakob and Levi were much more adventurous and explored all 3 levels.

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Life is Good said...

That looks so fun... and who says our kids need to be in school to learn things! Have a great rest of your trip!