Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to School

Hooray! Jakob and Levi were so excited to go back to school! Zack thought he was going to school too, he even pulled out an old backpack and filled it with "supplies" for the day.

Off we go:

Jakob is going into grade 4! Such a big boy already: 

Levi's first day of grade 1! Is it possible that he is going to be a school all day this year?!

Jakob in his new classroom:

A German tradition is to give the kids a "schultute" on the first day of Grade one. It's filled with candy, toys and school supplies. Here is Levi and some of his classmates from grade one with their schultute.

Levi in his new classroom:

Meanwhile... Zack enjoyed a day playing. He spent the morning with his Oma & Opa, visited his Omi & Opapa and then played outside in the afternoon with his mommy. He enjoyed having us all to himself:)

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