Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Lake with Friends

We went out to the lake to celebrate one of Jakob's friends birthday. We just went out for the day, to hang out, go on the quad and celebrate the birthday. Jakob's friend asked Jakob to stay out for the week with him, so Michael, Levi, Zack and I went home that night and left Jakob with his friend. It was his first time sleeping over at a friends house and it was for 3 days! I felt a bit strange leaving him there, but knew he was in good hands and was going to have fun!

Michael and Zack out for a quad ride:

Our neighbor at the lake took all the boys on a boat ride. He let each of them drive for a bit too!

When we came back to pick Jakob up, Levi and Zack were so excited to see him! Levi gave him a big hug, it was so cute.

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