Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Levi's Friend Party

For Levi's 6th birthday party, with his friends from school, they went to a cooking class. The kids had a lot of fun and it was a great birthday party! It was so organized and well run, the kids were busy the whole time. Michael and I were there to help the kids with their pizzas & cakes, but other than that we didn't have to do a thing! It was fantastic!!

They started off by making their own individual pizzas. They stretched the dough themselves and added the sauce, toppings and cheese.

 While the pizzas were cooking the kids made fruit kabobs. They got to put all kinds of fruit and mini marshmallows on their kabobs!

After the kids ate their fruit kabobs and were waiting for their pizzas to cool, they all got to decorate their own little cake to take home! Levi picked yellow icing and the kids all got gummies and other stuff to decorate their little cakes!

All Levi's friends singing Happy Birthday and Levi blowing out his 6 candles!!

 The kids had so much fun, the birthday party was a big success!

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