Thursday, April 12, 2012

Homemade Gummy Snacks

Levi and I made homemade gummy snacks the other day. Levi was a great little helper and was excited to try them out.

We mixed one package of jello with 3 packages of gelatin and 2/3 cup hot water, mixed it really, really good and then poured it into candy/chocolate moulds. It only took about 30mins to set and then we popped them out of the mould and they were ready to eat.

Levi took each one out and arranged them on a plate.

Our finished product. We made raspberry and orange. Levi tested out quite a few to make sure they were good enough to share with his brothers. (You can see on this pciture that Levi has a little gummy left on his lip!!)

I wouldn't exactly call them healthy, but the boys all really liked them and since they were so easy to make, we would make them again.

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