Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Drive Home

After spending a week in San Antonio we made the long trek home. From San Antonio we drove 12 hours to Tucson and stayed over 2 nights. The hotel we stayed at had a beautiful pool, so we wanted to spend a day enjoying it!

From Tucson we drove through the desert to Las Vegas. This drive was shorter, only 7 hours. The boys were excited to see all the cactus along the way and drive past Route 66. They all are amazing travelers and Zack usually slept an hour each day:

Not an inch to spare in the back!

We got to Las Vegas just in time to have a quick swim in the pool.

Then to the strip for dinner and to check things out:

We watched the Bellagio fountains and then back to the hotel to get some rest for the long day ahead of us.

The boys thought the fountain show was pretty cool!

From Las Vegas we drove 12 hours north to Butte, Montana. Sunday was our last day of driving. We left Montana and drove straight to Edmonton in 10 hours. We were all so happy to be home!

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