Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jakob's Family Party

Jakob's birthday started out with his favorite breakfast- blueberry pancakes! We then played a few games and made a craft, all things that Jakob wanted to do. Jakob got to pick what we were having for lunch and dinner, all followed by a birthday party with the Oma's and Opa's and Uncle Jordan & Auntie Kristy! A perfect day, all about our 7 year old!!!!

Jakob has been asking for a pet for awhile, but since we can never have an animal of any kind, we got him a fish tank and he can pick out some fish for it. He was pretty surprised and is excited to go pick out his new fish!
Jakob requested an airplane birthday, so I made invites that looked like plane tickets and a oreo cookie airplane cake. He was very happy!


eljamieson said...

Awesome Cake!

Mark said...

What about a lizard? A gecko even? Those would live nicely in that tank too. ;-)