Tuesday, July 13, 2010


By Michael:

We are so proud of Jakob and his accomplishments this year. He finished Grade 1 and is doing very well. He has finally come out of his shell and is learning more and more each day. He loves to solve match problems, he loves to read, play his violin and play sports.

This past week was family camp at Alberta Beach. Amy stayed out at the lake with the 3 boys all week and I came out on the weekends. On Friday I got a phone call from Jakob saying that he wanted me to bring his violin so he could play at the talent show. Jakob played "Merry Widow Waltz" in front of about 100 kids and about 50 parents. He did awesome!

Jakob will be continuing with the same violin teacher next year.

Jakob also play U8 soccer this year, and although he was sometimes more interested in the dogs passing the soccer pitch he loved every minute of it...hey look, something shiny! Jakob especially liked being the goalie, and when he got his turn in net he was a brick wall.

I got an app on my iPad called MathBoard which is basically a clever way to get kids to do flash card math. He does very basic multiplication as well as addition and subtraction with numbers up to 25. (I also taught him how to do large number addition with carrying numbers, but he's still trying to master that.)

He can also solve a sudoku puzzle faster than me...sad I know.

We are so proud of you Jakob. Have a great year in Grade 2!

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