Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Coconut

Jakob and I went grocery shopping the other day and he convinced me to buy a coconut. He has been wanting to buy a coconut for a long time, but every time I said no. This time he managed to persuade me. He said that he wanted to drink the milk with a straw and an umbrella! How could I say no to such cuteness!!Michael cracked a little hole in the side (which took a lot of effort and made a big mess).

Then the boys put their straws in and drank the coconut milk. Sorry, no umbrella!
After they drank the milk I asked them what we should do with the rest of the coconut?? Jakob suggested coconut pudding, so we got busy making pudding from scratch!
The whole event took over 3 hours!!

Jakob strained the coconut to get the milk out, he did a really good job!

The boys eating the finished product, at last.

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Mark said...

After that first picture I was expecting to see a picture of Michael fingerless. Thank goodness that didn't happen.

If you want to give them (and yourselves) a really amazing fruit experience, buy a passion fruit. You want to buy the ones that are wrinkly (that's what they do when they are ripe), but not shriveled. They are expensive, but if you'd spend $4 on a coffee, then the cost of the passion fruit is nothing. It is, far and away, my favourite fruit, and it's really cool inside. You eat the goop and the seeds. Throw away the shell.