Monday, April 6, 2009

Jakob's First Adult Tooth

This past week I noticed that Jakob was talking a little funny and rubbing his bottom teeth a lot with his tongue. So, I checked to see what was going on and there was a huge tooth coming up behind his baby teeth. I phoned the dentist to find out what we should do and she recommended that we pull the two front teeth, to allow for the adult teeth to move in.

Here is one of the last pictures of my little boy before he looses those cute little baby teeth!

There is that huge tooth moving in!

Jakob was really excited to go to the dentist and get his teeth out. He said he can't wait to show all his friends at school tomorrow!

It didn't take long and those bottom two teeth came out, no problem. Jakob was really brave and other than the freezing, barely moved or made a sound.

There it is, no more baby teeth.

1 comment:

Mark said...

I'm glad you didn't employ the Stephen-tooth-extraction method.

That is: (1) Tie a very long piece of dental floss around tooth, (2) tie other end of floss to door knob, and (3) slam the door.

I'm serious, he really did that, multiple times.