Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Phoenix: Part One

Part One of our vacation - the plane ride! The boys were very excited to fly on the airplane. The picture below is waiting in the Edmonton airport before our flight.

We took Levi's car seat on the plane so he would sit nice and still, it was great, he sat and watched his little TV for most of the flight. He even got to meet the pilot as we got on the plane!

Jakob sat with Uncle Jordan & Auntie Kristy. Jakob's been on quite a few flights, so he's a seasoned pro!

We arrived in the Phoenix airport and picked up our luggage, Levi thought it might be fun to sit on the suitcases and hang out while we were waiting for it all to arrive.


Mark said...

That picture of Levi watching TV is hilarious! What, by the way, was he watching?

Amy said...

Levi was watching Franklin on Treehouse.

~Am~ said...

Aww i love it! Makes me miss this trip already! We need to do more family vacations (planned ones, not like this fluke one lol). Miss you guys!